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Welcome to WholePet Market

About WholePetMarket Store

We are a small store specializing in all natural, non-toxic, foods, treats, and supplies. We keep the "whole pet" in mind when deciding which products to carry in our store.

We started this company based on the needs of our own pets. We started to realize that our pets needed food and treats that were closer to their natural diet.  The correlation between improper diet and rising illness was just something we could no longer ignore.  So we put together products that we would feed our own pets without hesitation.  The health of our pets is just too important not to!

We also decided that we needed to provide a place where you could buy safe toys and supplies.  We want to insure that the products you buy from WholePet Market would not jeopardize the overall health of your pet.  Whenever possible we try and seek out environmentally friendly products as well.  We recycle everything that comes through our door!

We also try to incorporate unique products that meet our high standards of quality.  We want your pet to look and feel it's best!  Every product we carry has been tested by our crack team of product testers, as well as a few of their friends.

We strive to provide you with the best products around at reasonable prices.  Good health shouldn't cost a fortune!

We do not carry ANY food products that are sourced from China.

If you see a product that you would like us to carry or have concerns about something we do carry please email us.

The products found on this website are not intended to treat or cure specific illnesses.  Always consult with a Veterinarian when trying to treat specific conditions or improve overall health of your pet.

WholePet Market, LLC

Heber City, Utah