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Rescue Information


WholePet Market is committed to supporting rescue groups and are always willing to help with fundraising events.  If you would like to add your rescue group, please contact us for more details.  For a complete listing of breed rescues please click here. You can also find dogs in need on Petfinder and Rescue Me.

denali Moonsong Malamute Rescue (MMR) is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to assisting Alaskan Malamutes and their owners when in crisis throughout the Intermountain West. Please be aware that Moonsong Malamute Rescue (MMR) is not a shelter or humane society. They are affiliated with the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL), as an affiliate to AMAL, MMR operates under AMAL's code of - Facebook - Twitter

foa Friends of Animals Utah (FOAU) is a non-profit organization based in Park City, Utah. FOAU is comprised of staff and volunteers dedicated to assisting shelters in northern Utah, in rescuing and finding new homes for dogs and cats. Through shelter rescues, FOAU has achieved the goal of ending euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats. We are a full-fledged animal rescue and rehabilitation organization with an adoption center (Furburbia), our Rescue and Rehab Ranch, a dedicated staff and board of trustees.

merlin Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association (IAMRA) is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization established to shelter and care for Alaskan Malamutes which have been abandoned, turned into shelters, or are in need of a new home.  The dogs are placed in temporary foster homes (or a boarding kennel if foster homes are not available) until a permanent home can be found.  Our commitment is to place each dog in the best new permanent home to give them a second chance in life.

akita Midwest Akita Rescue Society In 1998 MARS was formed by a very small group of concerned individuals that felt that they could assist orphaned Akitas residing in the Midwestern region. The purpose of this organization is to rescue, medically treat, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, relinquished or otherwise homeless Akita dogs. Midwest Akita Rescue Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to helping Akitas in distress. MARS depends entirely on tax-deductible donations to continue this work.

mocha Labrador Education And Rescue Network is an all volunteer non-profit organization committed to placing abandoned and unwanted Labrador Retrievers in new homes. Serving the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area, L.E.A.R.N. also concentrates on educating adopters and the public on the importance of spay/neutering and the humane treatment of pets.

shibaj Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue (MSIR) is a non-profit, all-volunteer, 501(c)3 corporation. MSIR seeks out, fosters, and places homeless Shiba Inu dogs into carefully screened, lifelong, and nurturing homes. In addition to rescue, MSIR volunteers provide medical care and/or rehabilitation for foster dogs and then attempt to match them with appropriate, permanent homes. MSIR also educates the public about the Shiba Inu breed, the need for dog rescue and dog training, and the importance of spaying/neutering pets to prevent overpopulation.

ccr Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation's mission is to decrease the thousands of euthanizations and abuses in our city through dog rescue and adoption. CCRF saves displaced and homeless dogs throughout the Chicagoland area and places these dogs in loving area homes through responsible adoption.  CCRF is a no-kill, not-for-profit 501(c)3 dog rescue organization. We help abandoned, neglected and abused canines of all breeds, ages, and disabilities find medical treatment and new loving homes.

golden As Good as Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois, is a membership based, all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and adoption of abandoned, mistreated, or unwanted Golden Retrievers in the Northern Illinois area.  In addition, we educate Golden Retriever guardians and the general public about responsible pet ownership, including spaying/neutering, positive training methods, diet and exercise, medical needs, and humane care.

dobe Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus is an Illinois 501(c)3 corporation.  The goal of Doberman Rescue is to rescue Dobermans in need, to place them in to responsible homes, and to educate the public about the Doberman breed.  For more information on adopting or relinquishing a Doberman, or to volunteer to help us to help Dobes, please contact us at:

Arctic Rescue

Arctic Rescue, based in Utah, saves more than 100 dogs a year--usually Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes--as we specialize in helping to place adoptable dogs in good homes and take care of unadoptable dogs. We are unique in our commitment to these breeds and seek to work with local shelters and other animal agencies to find the best solutions for dogs and their caretakers.

newf The North Central Newfoundland Club, Inc. (NCNC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Newfoundland dog. The club promotes this goal by organizing and sponsoring dog shows and working trials, including annual water and draft tests and a Regional Specialty. Open to families and individuals who enjoy working and playing with their Newfs, we also provide plenty of fun and educational activities throughout the year including water and draft workshops and several annual parties.

gpr Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization devoted to placing stray and abandoned Great Pyrenees dogs in responsible, loving homes.  Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago is a 501c3 charitable organization.   More information about our group and our dogs see our website at

basset All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue (ABCBHR), Inc. is a 501C(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping basset hounds in need.  Our organization is run completely by volunteers devoted to the care and well being of those lovable basset hounds.  We rely solely on donations to operate our heartfelt mission.  Our rescued hounds come from shelters or we accept them as owner-relinquishes.  Many of these bassets have been abused, neglected, or been found abandoned on the streets.  ABC serves all of Western, Central and Upstate New York.

paws for life

Paws For Life Utah is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that is dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats. Paws For Life Utah is based in Heber City, Utah, and is responsible for daily operation of the Heber Valley Animal Shelter.  Our goal is to help find forever homes for abandoned and stray dogs, cats, horses and other animals as needed.  We also operate within the Heber Valley animal shelter, enabling them to keep regular hours of operation so the general public can visit available animals there, as well as reclaim their lost

closerto Closer to Home Animal Advocates (CTHAA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit group of caring individuals who work to find forever homes for Norwegian Elkhounds, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and sometimes other breeds as our hearts lead us. We are dedicated to placing dogs that have been abandoned, neglected, or whose present homes cannot keep them any longer.  Our goal is to place each dog into a permanent home where it will become a loved and cared for member of the household. All of our dogs are housed in foster homes.

FTH From The Heart Rescue (FTHAR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit coalition of experienced volunteers, dedicated to caring for the hurt and frightened victims of accident, disease, cruelty and neglect. They provide life-saving surgeries, medications and special care that other organizations are not able or willing to give.  Once restored to health, they then work diligently to find each animal a permanent loving home.

boston Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue is a 501c3, Non-Profit Organizion. We are funded entirely by donations and run by the hearts of our Volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing Boston Terriers from shelters and individuals and finding them permanent homes. We have no shelter, our rescued Bostons are fostered in our homes until they find their new loving, responsible, lifelong homes.

bichon SMALL PAWS RESCUE® SAVES THE BICHON FRISE NATIONWIDE. Small Paws Rescue Inc® , a 501 (C) (3) Not-for-Profit charitable organization based in Tulsa, OK is enlisting the assistance of the public in finding adoptive and foster homes for over 70 Bichon Frise dogs, recently rescued from a puppy mill.  Small Paws Rescue is the largest breed rescue in the country.  Since its inception in 1998, Small Paws has rescued over 5000 dogs and placed them in loving homes.

CWAC Canines With a Cause is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping shelter dogs find homes by training them to work as companion, therapy and service dogs for veterans in need.  Vets benefit from the healing companionship of the dog and shelter dogs’ lives are saved by finding loving homes. Working with the dogs and training them to help others has proven to be very beneficial to veterans.

grey_FL Greyhound Pets of America, Central Florida (GPACF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of greyhounds into qualified, caring and loving homes or the shipment to other qualified adoption agencies in non-racing states. Greyhounds make excellent Pets and will amaze you with their kind, loving, calm nature. These "Gentle Giants" will leave paw prints on you

shep Save Our Shepherds Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit pet rescue organization for German Shepherd Dogs. We are funded by adoption fees and the occasional private donation, but the majority of our funds come from our own pockets. Our Mission is to find loving forever homes for adoptable German Shepherd Dogs rescued from shelters, strays and owner turn-ins. We provide needed medical care, training and rehabilitation to neglected, abused or sick German Shepherd Dogs until they are ready for